Saturday, 27 August 2016

Photo Blog: Riding the Rapha West Country Prestige

Last month, Team Wiggle headed to Somerset to ride the Rapha Prestige West Country

Sign On - The Mud Dock in Bristol

Fuelling up

Heading out

West Country lanes

Checkpoint 1 - The Rapha Archive Store at Kilver Court

Gravel Sectors

Checkpoint 2 - Weston-super-Mare - Instagram compulsory

Rapha Mobile Cycle Club, on the beach



Ice creams, with our friends from the Assos Women's Team

Meet Martin


Eastway bikes. dhb Kit. Team Wiggle.

Gravel watermark

Gravel Tan

There are no barriers, only hurdles


Don't forget to stamp your brevet card

Cheddar Gorge - Gorgeous! 

Checkpoint 3: Cheddar cheese - The ideal snack

Finish - The final stamp

Beer and good food - Stories from the road

Great memories - A great day in the saddle

Photos courtesy of Rapha's Jay Golian

Friday, 26 August 2016

The Ultimate Bikepacking Breakfast - Rude Health Cereals

Rude Health Cereals
Breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day. Your body has been without food for eight hours or more; so by the time you head to the breakfast bar, it is craving nutrients, protein and fuel; to repair, rejuvenate, and ready itself for the day ahead.

Breakfast is even more important, when you have an active day ahead. My 'Coasts and Cols' Tour will certainly involve activity; with an average of 200 kilometres a day, up and over the Pyrenees. It will be a challenge to fuel right. Luckily though, I should be in Rude Health…

My breakfast options are sorted, at least for the first few days of the tour; I've stocked up with Rude Health granola and muesli. The Spanish aren't renowned for their breakfasts, or for being open early; so it seemed prudent to come well-prepared with breakfast provisions for the first few days.

Here's what I'm packing…

Rude Health Coconut and Chia Granola

Rude Health Granola
This little number is packed full of energy and flavour. With a distinctly tropical theme, I'm hoping it's accompanied by good weather in Spain!

Rude Health Spiced Apple Granola

Rude Health Granola
Imagine the ultimate apple crumble topping. This granola is a great comforter, and I can see I may well end up eating it as pudding, as much as breakfast. 

Rude Health Soft and Fruity Bircher Muesli

Rude Health Granola
The great thing about the Rude Health Bircher muesli, is that if needs be, it is actually really tasty with just water added to it; because the fruitiness and flavour provides enough oomph to keep it interesting!

Rude Health Nutty Crunch Muesli

Rude Health Granola
Nuts and seeds are the ingredients of champions; helping to refuel and repair your muscles. This one would be great with a nice ripe Spanish nectarine sliced into it!

Here are the Rude breakfast options (I might have accidentally eaten these already... or snuffled them away, ready for future expeditions like October's Original Mountain Marathon...)
  • Rude Health The Ultimate Granola
  • Rude Health Strawberry and Raspberry Granola
  • Rude Health Honey and Nut Granola
  • Rude Health Super Seed Muesli
  • Rude Health Coconut and Seed Muesli
  • Rude Health The Ultimate Muesli
  • Rude Health Super Fruity Muesli
  • Rude Health No Flamin' Raisins Muesli

Snack Attack! 

As well as my foursome of Rude Health breakfast options, I'm also taking an armoury of Rude Health Oatys; to help keep me fuelled throughout the day.

Savoury snacks are a great idea on long days in the saddle. After a while, your palate can become numbed by the sweetness of sugary snacks; so having something like oat cakes, which you can combine with salty nut butters, offers a great protein rich and sustaining snack.

  • Rude Health Ginger and Turmeric Oaty - Ginger and Turmeric are both athlete's friends; proven to help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation!
  • Rude Health The Oaty - Plain and simple, but great with banana and peanut butter!
  • Rude Health Spelt/Rye Oaty - These have got a bit more of a crunch to them; making them idea for some nice French Paté
  • Rude Health Seedy Oaty - Super nice with honey, these can provide a great pick-me-up!

That's my run-down of Rude Health fuel for the 'Coasts and Cols' Tour; all great tasty and healthy snacks, which will keep the pedals turning through the Pyrenees!

View the Rude Health range at (Link)

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Review: Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket
Your 'Every Ride Carry' - what you carry with you, when you head out on the road or trails, is an incredibly personal choice. It could suggest you're a daring personality; adopting a stripped-back approach, but chancing a mechanical. It could suggest you're adventurous; taking enough supplies for an epic ride. It could suggest you're super organised; when there is a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Adopting a Bellroy wallet as part of your 'Every Ride Carry', suggests minimalism, adventure, organisation, and class. The Bellroy products that I've previously reviewed on the blog quickly won me over, and many of them now feature in my kit layouts for every ride.

The new Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket is one of the most recent additions to the extensive Bellroy wallets range. It is a smart weatherproof pouch; designed to hold phone, cash and cards; all in a protective package.

The wallet is made from waterproof leather, and has a YKK waterproof zipper. It doesn't create a completely waterproof capsule, as there are still open spots on the seams and zipper end; but short of a roll-top waterproof bag, it provides top level weather protection for your valuables within.

Inside, there is room for an iPhone 6s, or even a 6 Plus (with the larger Plus sized phone wallet reviewed/pictured here). There are then two sleeve pockets; one ideal for cash and a house key, the other for bank cards and ID.

The Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket comes in six distinctive colours: Burnt Orange, Arctic Blue, Black and Charcoal leather, plus Charcoal Woven and Blue Woven. I'm a particularly big fan of the first of these; it ties in well with a distinctive orange, black and red theme, which is running in my kit wardrobe at present.

Slipping the All-Conditions Phone Pocket into your jersey pocket is a pleasure; both aesthetically, and because of the knowledge that it will keep your kit safe and dry.

An investment in style, simplicity and security. The new All-Conditions Phone Wallet is a great addition to your kit collection.

View the Bellroy range at (Link)

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Wallet
Plenty of room for an iPhone 6 Plus in this larger Plus sized Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Wallet

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Wallet
The two sleeves on the Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket are idea for cash, cards and keys

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket
The YKK Zipper has a great pull tab, which is ideal for full finger gloved hands

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket
Another superb bit of kit from Bellroy Wallets

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Wallet
The Burnt Orange Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket goes very well with my new POC AVIP MIPS (reviewed)